Evening menu

The heimat kitchen will make you feel right at home and offers a diverse evening menu. This consists of the centrepiece dish, classic German cuisine, as well as dishes from wine regions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Extract from the current menu


Franconian Sausage Salad small 9.50
Pretzel roll | radishes | gherkins | red onion big 13.50

Beef Tartare and boiled meat small 14.50
Horseradish | Romaine Lettuce | Radishes big 17.50

Pickled salmon 14.50
Yoghurt | apple | cucumber


Märkisch Chicken Leg 21,50
Stewed in Riesling | green asparagus | peas | capers | mushrooms

Cutlet from Süslander Pork 26,50
Kohlrabi | leek | carrot | mashed potatoes

Catch of the day daily price
Bell pepper | bean ragout | roasted potatoes


Curd mousse 9.50
Strawberrys | mint | meringue